We Match and Read your Indian Palm Leaf

There is a manuscript about you written around 2,000 years ago by Indian sages.

3 steps to get your Nadi Reading.

Search for Bundle(s)

Our expert readers in India will physically search for your Palm Leaf bundle(s), which might contain your individual Palm Leaf.

Matching of your Palm Leaf

The matching itself happens through a process of elimination. As each Palm Leaf represents a life, only one of the Leaves can be yours.

Reading of the Palm Leaf

The reading is the most important part of your experience. Based on your individual Palm Leaf this final part will let you know about what the Maharishi wrote about your life.

How it all started 2,000 years ago?

Millennia ago, enlightened sages, through the help of Lord Shiva, gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives and fates of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves and have been utilized by Indians throughout history helping them find their destiny and overcome past karma.

Spectacular! A decade ago I was blessed to have a reading like this in South India and I always wanted to do it again…from home. This amazing company makes that possible and its extremely professional and the information I received was mindblowing. I highly recommend them.

Arielle Ford

Author, spiritual leader

How your Palm Leaf can help you?

You might feel lost in your current situation, unsure what path to take or what to do with your life

You might find yourself making the same mistakes or bad decisions over and over again

You don’t understand why or even how you keep ending up in these situations

You might be looking for answers to questions you don’t know (yet)

You might feel in need of spiritual guidance

You might simply want to find out what your future has in store for you or if you are on the right track/with the right spouse on the right career path

"My Life Reading with the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute was truly an amazing and enlightening experience which answered many questions and also solved a few personal mysteries. I am very thankful to them and Dr Q for providing such an incredible service."



Even though there are millions of bundles in India, not everyone has a palm leaf.

If we cannot find at least a bundle that might contain your personal leaf, we will refund your $100 search payment.


Search for your bundle


We will begin the physical search for your bundle in India. If found, you can move on to step two and book your Nadi Reading.


Your Nadi Reading


If your leaf is found, the final $400 payment is required to begin your preparation for the matching process by our moderator.

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Do I have to go to India for Nadi Astrology?

Great news is that you don’t need to go to India. Over time we figured out a system so that you can do your reading from the comfort of your home. 

The system is the exact same system as if you were in India. Three steps: search, matching and reading. 


What do I get after the Nadi Reading?

We would want you to have the very best experience with our institute. So, we record your matching and reading and about a week or so after the reading has come to an end, we will send you a downloadable link of your matching and reading. Plus, a typed-up PDF version of your poojas, alongside all other information that you need to do your homework and pictures of your individual palm leaf; because the original has to stay in India and is given back to the universe in a ceremony

What does money back guarantee mean?

It is very important to us that you feel safe. You have 100% money back guarantee

  1. if we cannot find your bundles within 6 months you get your initial payment for the search of your bundles (that would be U$100) back –and
  2. if we cannot match your individual palm leaf within the bundles that we found for you, you will get your matching and reading payment back.

How can A Nadi Reading help me?

  1. Recognizing and Removing Obstacles
  2. Finding Your Right Path and Destiny
  3. Finding Your Right Partner
  4. Learning about Your Children’s Path
  5. Making the Right Career Decisions
  6. Potential Health Issues 
  7. Overcoming and Cleaning Bad Karma

What is included in the Nadi Reading?

In Nadi Readings, you get usually: a whole life reading, then a past life reading, if you carry any karma from a past life, then you can ask questions and finally you will be given your pooja reading. What it is that you need to do to fix and heal issues that were read to you during your whole life and karma readings.

What is the first step to find my Indian Palm Leaf?

First, is the search. In order for a reader, that is the person who is educated in finding and then reading the palm leaf to you, to be able to locate a bundle, which hopefully contains your individual palm leaf, he would need three things: one, your gender, the country of your birth and most importantly, your thumb impression. According to Hinduism, left thumb print for ladies, and right thumbprint for gents. The secret lies in your thumbprint.